Aaross Music is an independent music production company operating from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Mark Cheyne is an award winning composer, arranger and producer with over 15 years of experience in the music industry.

Mark has composed and produced soundtracks for TV commercials for top brands including Coca-cola, ABSA and Emperor's Palace as well as soundtracks for corporate videos for top companies including SAB and BMW.

As Musical Director Mark has been involved in some of the most exciting events in the last decade. Along with the
Electric Pops Orchestra he has provided musical entertainment for shows including 'Skouspel Onder die Sterre' & 'AquAbba', and for clients including Vodacom, Mercedes-Benz, Momentum, Discovery, MTN, Massmart, Car of the Year and many others.

Mark has composed corporate songs for leading companies including Edcon, Tupperware, Business Connexion, ABI and Avroy Shlain.

If you would like view Mark's current showreel please contact us.

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Aaross (aar'oss) a. Delighting the ear, imaginative; able to excite deep
feeling; deeply impressing the mind or senses; intellectually impressive.